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What is Design?

Engineering design is not an art or skill : it is a cognitive or intellectual process based on knowledge---- by John R. Dixon.

Engineering design is an iterative decision-making and problem solving activity to produce the plan to convert resoures optimally into systems or devices to fulfill a specified task. In case of machine design, the resources are material , machines and wquipments involved, and labour put into, and system is the machine product.

The activity is subjected to certain constraints. Those are (1) Problem-solving constraints, designer's problem-solving capabilities, time available, laboratory or computational facilities, and (2) the problem-solution constrains, cost of the product, availability of raw materials , equipments or manufacturing facilities.

Plan is a method, or scheme of actions , or a way proposed.

“Design is that area of human experience, skill and knowledge which is concerned with man’s ability to mould his environment to suit his material and spiritual needs.”

Design is essentially a rational, logical, sequential process intended to solve problems or “initiate change in man-made things”

For the term “design process,” we can also read “problem-solving process”, which in all but its abstract forms works by consultation and consensus.

The process begins with the identification and analysis of a problem or need and proceeds through a structured sequence in which information is researched and ideas explored and evaluated until the optimum solution to the problem or need is devised.

Design was not a total process. The work of participants in the process was often compartmentalised, each having little if any input in matters which fell outside the boundaries of their specific expertise. Thus, participants explored their ideas unilaterally, with one or another participant, through virtue of their “expertise”, imposing constraints upon all others.


Morphology of Design:

Morphology, the study of pattern and form, is crucial to design because it constitutes an essential part of its corpus of coherent knowledge.

The collection of time phases of the followiing steps is usually called the "Morphology of Design"

The phases are:

(1) Feasability study (evaluation of alternatives): The aim is to produce a number of feasible and useful solutions.

The Design Process


In Design Process, we will have to look at techniques or best practices, that help the egineer design quality products. To understand how to make the best use of the techniques, it is omportant to look at them in the context of the overall design process. Thus, the progress of a product from need to production is explored by means of examples that demonstrate the flexibility of the process. The emphasis is on the importence of design documentaion. A design problem is introduced and is used as acase study.

Overview of the Design Process

The Design process varies from product to product and industry to indistry. Nonethless, we can construct a generic diagram of the activities that must be accomplished for all projects.

Before the design of a product can begin, the need for that prodict must be established. There are two sources for design projects, the market or the development of a new product idea without market demand. About 80 percent of new product development is market-driven. Without a custumer for the product, there is no way to recover the costes of design and manufacture. Thus, the most important part inlunderstanding tyhe design problem lies in assessing the market , that is , establishing what the custumer wants in the product. Even if market-driven, new products must contain the latest technology if they are to be perceived as being of high quality for what consumers means by "high quality"


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